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Product Information

    Hapu hooded bathrobes are made from highly absorbed microfiber towelling material for fast and effective pet. They are proudly styled in Canada. The easy fit wrap-around design helps make doggie bath time and water playing a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. They cover the dog’s under belly and hind quarters which need drying the most.

     Having no leg holes makes them very easy to throw-on and still allow them to wag tails.

      These functional bathrobes are available in 5 colors (pink ,blue, white, orange & beige) with “BEST FRIEND” embroidery design.

      We are very delighted to put our experience and effort into producing the best design ever.

Measuring Guide:


Size Table:

For covering all different sizes, Hapu bathrobes are available in 5 different sizes, kindly see size table and find out which size is proper size for your best friend.

  Size   Chest (inches)   Neck (inches)   Length(inches)
  X small              17.5                11.5                 12.5
  Small               21                  14                  16
  Medium 1               29                  19                 23
  Medium 2               33                 22                 26
  Large               40                 26                 33
  X Large               43                 29                 37

Production Details:

pa  Dries up to 4 times of water
pa Holds 4 times the volume of water
pa Waist band included
pa Easy fit wrap- around design
pa Super soft material
pa Available in 5 different colors
pa Available in 6 different sizes

Product Certified Standards:

DW 105-C06:2010
CE Certified Textile
ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD